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Why Choose Us?

As parents, we share a passion for exploring creative ways to educate our children! Geology has brought a deeper understanding of our planet and its natural resources to our family and we are excited to share these opportunities with your loved ones. Geology is an amazing field that blends science, engineering, and art into an incredibly creative and interpretive learning experience. Our kits include fun and exciting experiments, real tools used by geologists, and beautiful mineral and rock specimens to learn and discover the field of geology!

Our Story

Our story begins with a three-year old and his love for digging backyard treasures-including both the creepy-crawly (ew gross!) and the 'cool' rock-types of treasures. Although a magnifying glass and container were good enough for the creepy crawly specimens, we found it challenging to find products that inspired our little geologist-Enter Dad the Geologist! We created our first GeoKidz kit to give our son a new, hands-on way to explore the world! As a professional geologist, dad had a few ideas on what tools and skills were a must for a young explorer! A real hand lens (check), mapping compass (check), mineral identification guide (check), specimen bag (check), a rock hammer (ouch-maybe not for a three-year-old!), display box for our favorite minerals (check)...the list continued to grow! Our kits and experiments are tested by our own kids, family, and friends. What better way to test our products than put them in the hands of kids!

Delivery & Returns

We ship anywhere in the United States for a low flat rate of $4.99! Orders typically ship via USPS Priority Mail within 1-3 business days. Not satisfied with one of our products, or one of the experiments just isn't working out for you? Let us know! We would be happy to help. After all, we love teaching kids about geology If for any reason you are still not satisfied, we will work with you to return the product and issue a refund!

Payment Info

We accept payment using the Square online payment gateway. Square provides a fast and convenient checkout and you know that your personnel information and payment are secure with Square!
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We are proud to call Liberty Lake, Washington our home and enjoy the many opportunities the area provides our family to explore! Many of our ideas to provide STEM opportunities to your home are based on our own adventures in the Inland Northwest!
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