For Kidz That Rock

Our unique kits are created by a real geologist and include fun and exciting experiments, real tools used by geologists, and beautiful mineral and rock specimens!

Our Most Popular Kits

Adventure Kit – $27.95

Our Premier Geology Starter Kit! Learn how to identify rocks and minerals, measure geologic features, and more

The Ultimate Geology Kit- $29.95

The Ultimate Geology Kit will guide you through important geology concepts including the Earth’s interior, crystal properties, mineral, and rock identification, and so much more with fun and exciting activities

Dig Kit – $16.95

Uncover and identify beautiful mineral and rock specimens to start or add to your collection!

Meet Justin

Justin is the Geologist behind GeoKidz. He received his Bachelor’s in Geology from Idaho State University and his Master’s in Geological Engineering from the University of Idaho. As a parent, he has a passion for exploring creative ways to educate children! Geology has brought a deeper understanding of our planet and its natural resources to our family and we are excited to share these opportunities with your loved ones.

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